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Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

Website: www.dsdip.qld.gov.au/bvrt-homepage.html
Phone Number: c/o Trail Ranger: Peter Kleis 0467 729 409
Region/s: South Burnett Region    Area/s: Wide Bay Burnett    State: Queensland

Brisbane Valley Rail TrailThe Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT), when completed, will be a 148 kilometre recreation trail from Wulkuraka to Yarraman. The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) follows the disused Brisbane Valley rail line that commenced construction at Wulkaraka near Ipswich in 1884 and was completed at Yarraman in 1913. Situated within a two-hour drive from Brisbane, the 161km trail provides walkers, cyclists and horse riders an opportunity to experience a unique history and diversity of rural landscapes. Being on the old railway alignment and broken into sections, the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail provides an easy climb up the valley for day trippers, overnight camping or longer term adventures.

The trail winds its way along the western side of the Brisbane River traversing farm land, forests, picturesque rural settings and country towns. These productive landscapes were at their peak in the early 1900s and produced a range of dairy products, forestry timbers, beef, sheep and pork. The rail line was the vital link that connected these rural enterprises to markets in Ipswich, Brisbane and further afield.

The productivity of the Brisbane Valley supported the staged extension of the rail through the towns of Fernvale, Coominya, Esk, Toogoolawah, Harlin, Moore and Linville before heading up the range and through the forested hills around Blackbutt, Benarkin and onto Yarraman. Changing economic conditions through the mid 1900s lead to the rail being closed in 1989.

Cyclists, walkers and horse riders are catered for by a full range of services, accommodation and facilities located in the frequent towns situated along the trail. Completed in 2012 for dedicated recreational uses, the Brisbane Valley Rail Trial is one of the longest rail trails in Australia.

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Sections

The trail starts at Wanora and heads north for about 7.6 km to Fernvale, which is the first major town along the trail and about 22 km from Wulkuraka. Keep an eye out for the white kilometre markers along the trail that mark the distance from the start of the rail trail at Wulkaraka. If you’re lucky you may also see signs marked with a ‘W’ that are called whistle boards and told the train driver when to blow the train whistle to let people know the train was coming. After travelling a further 8.5 km north out of Fernvale the trail brings you into Lowood where accommodation and services are available. (see links to brochure below).

From Lowood the trail continues 12 km north to Coominya before running parallel to the Brisbane Valley Highway for another 26km and arriving at Esk where overnight accommodation and a full range of services and facilities are available. Accommodation is also available in Toogoolawah (19 km north of Esk), Harlin (32 km north of Esk) and Moore (45 km north of Esk).

A further 7 km on from Moore is the historic town of Linville that boasts a rail museum and where the trail begins its climb up the Balfour Range to cross the Bicentennial National Trail at Commissioners View outside Benarkin and on to Blackbutt. As you climb the range you’ll notice changes in the country and landscapes that provide a new range of vistas and experiences to those of the southern sections.

The final stretch from Nukku Road to Yarraman (14 km) boasts some of the most spectacular specimens of grass trees and abundant wildlife including birds, wallabies and wild deer. The trail ends at Yarraman with the trail head located at the end of Millar Street. The original Yarraman rail station has been moved into Millar Street and is currently being used as Heritage House and contains many historic railway relics and other items of historical interest. (source: www.dsdip.qld.gov.au/bvrt/about-the-trail.html)

The following sections of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail are open to the public:

Wanora to Fernvale (7.6 km)
Fernvale to Lowood (8.5 km)
Lowood to Coominya (12 km)
Coominya to Esk (24.5 km)
Esk to Toogoolawah (19 km)
Moore to Blackbutt (33.5 km)
Nukku Road to Yarraman (14 km)

To find out more information and download individual brochures on each section of the trail, visit the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail website.

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