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Isacc Region Queensland

The Isaac Region encompasses 58 862 square kilometres of fertile plains, rich soils, beaches and coal mines in the mineral rich Bowen Basin. A drive through the countryside will introduce you to the brilliant hues and unusual shapes that create this picturesque local scenery. On the coast, our quaint beach communities share their water with dugong sanctuaries, remote turtle nesting grounds and uninhabited islands. Unbelievably this country remains pristine and relatively undeveloped. Inland, golden sunflowers line the road with rust-red sorghum, buttery wheat, and creamy cotton crops, while majestic mountains and luscious lava plugs form marvellous backdrops on the horizon.

Mining, grain production, beef and a thriving service industry is what the Isaac Region are founded on today. Prosperity over recent years has brought with it a fine standard of living for local people, and has also given birth to a blossoming tourist trade. All this adds up to a region of unique charm and character – one which is progressively drawing the interest of more and more people on their pilgrimage to discover this part of Queensland. It’s a place where the traditional qualities of the country live on, mixed with the very best that modern communities can provide. (source:


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